Valle de Cocora

One of the main reasons people come to Salento is to visit this gorgeous valley set in the foothills of a cloud forest.  It is known worldwide and nationally for its beautiful landscapes and for having the world’s tallest palms, reaching a height of 60meters plus.    Getting there is quite easy, take a Jeep (aka “Willies”),  from the main park to Valle de Cocora for around 3.800 COP/per person.  Once you get there, there are options to hike or horseback ride through the valley. You can choose a trail that can take anywhere from 1-6+ hours. We recommend going to the Acaime reserve and paying the 5.000 COP entry to see the hummingbirds (“colibris”). With the entrance they include a cup of coffee, agua-panela (a hot and sweet beverage), or hot chocolate, and a slice of local cheese.  Whatever you choose to do in the valley, please note that the last shared Jeep leaves from the bottom parking lot at 6pm. After 6pm you will have to call for a Jeep and pay the full fare.

Cocora route
Cocora route

Directiosn from where the jeeps drops you off for the 5+ hr hike:

From where the Willies drops you off, you will pass a gate with the main sign of Valle de Cocora on your left hand side, continue on that dirt road heading downward passing the trucha (trout) farm on your right, once you pass the small creek you will come to a fork, stay to the left, continue on this path for about an hour until you get to the “forest” from there you pass over a few “bridges” (one person at a time) after a few river crossings you will get to a fork where you can go left to “La Montaña” or right to “Acaime”.

Acaime Hum
They will be waiting for you at Acaime

Our recommendation is go right to Acaime, see the hummingbirds and retrace your steps back to the previous fork, and now go to La Montaña, you know you are going the right way if you follow the sign to La Montana and it’s a pretty steep climb. Once you get to La Montana you will find a home with a dirt road leading down back to the starting point, this road will take you alongside some beautiful views of the wax palms.

Valle de Cocora
Palmas de Cera - Valle de Cocora

Once you get to the bottom of the hill you will come to a “T “you can go left back to the Jeeps or you can go right for about half a kilometer to a small but beautiful river crossing. Please note that the last Jeep is at 6pm, after 6pm you will have to call for a Jeep and pay the full fare.

Little river

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