Salento is a quiet sleepy village located in the department of Quindio – located south of Medellin and Bogota, in the heart of the coffee region. Well-known for its many outdoor activities, it also draws visitors for to its colonial architecture, coffee plantations, cafes, restaurants, and the generous hospitality of the locals. The town is also the entry point to the Nevado National park and Valle del Cocora where one can find Colombia’s exotic national “tree”, the wax palm. 

During most weekdays Salento is quiet, full of local people going about their daily routines, and most places shut early. However, during the weekend or holiday weekends the sleeping tiger wakes up and transforms into a thriving pueblo with vibrant markets and all-night festivities. The town square is filled with delicious restaurants and beer gardens, visited at all hours by tourists both Colombian and foreign. (Don’t worry; Coffee Tree BH is located far enough away from the party that you’ll still be able to get a good night’s sleep!) 

Getting around Salento is easy; like every Colombian town everything centers around the town square. In this area one can find the iconic church, banks/ATMs, supermarket, restaurants, bars, city hall, and the police department. From the town square starts what we know as “Calle Real”, the main street that made Salento famous for its beautiful colonial architecture. On Calle Real one can find many artisan shops and restaurants. The main dish of this area is the trucha (trout) which can be eaten in many forms. The traditional plate comes accompanied with a patacon (a large fried flat plantain).

Apart from eating and sightseeing in the town there are plenty of other activities to do around Salento (See our page on Activities for some options) but one of the best things to do is NOTHING! We encourage you to take some time to sit in a coffee shop or lay in one of our comfy hammocks, and take in the natural beauty of Salento’s landscapes and people.

Did you know?

Salento was the first town founded in Quindio & the Coffee grower zone. And actually is the 2nd touristic destination at the country.

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